KeepAble was created by the Sector Support & Development team at Independent Living Assessment (ILA) Inc, a Western Australian not-for-profit organisation with a focus on individualised assessment, peer navigation, and community sector capacity building initiatives.

KeepAble is the place to find practical content for home care providers, people working in the aged care sector, clients, and communities across Australia.  Our team of dedicated professionals and subject matter experts are committed to developing resources that inspire older people to live independent, active and healthy lives.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) through Indigo Australasia Incorporated, ILA developed KeepAble as a sector support and development initiative. Although funding for KeepAble has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained therein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.  

Our Goals

We value the lives of older people. Therefore, it’s our mission to harness actionable knowledge to make every opportunity matter so we can live well for longer – particularly those in our community who receive support in their homes.

  • Empowerment

    To empower older Australians to actively participate in happier, healthier and more independent lives.
  • Authority

    To share credible, evidence-based resources that spark conversations and drive change.
  • Accessibility

    To encourage older Australians to realise their independence through actions big and small.
  • Dynamism

    To encourage society to think differently about ageing.

The KeepAble Team

Our team are here to develop and share content for home care providers that supports wellness and reablement approaches. They are industry experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge that helps bring KeepAble to life.
  • Dr Chiara Naseri
    Dr. Chiara Naseri
    Chiara is a Physiotherapist and leads Research & Service Development at ILA. She is passionate about helping older people understand how to safely maintain their mobility and independence at home. Her research specialises in falls prevention and she collaborates across healthcare disciplines to promote best practice active ageing strategies. ​
  • Hilary O'Connell
    Hilary O’Connell
    Hilary is ILA’s Principal Wellness & Reablement Advisor. She is an Occupational Therapist who is passionate about the science of healthy ageing.​ Hilary’s work has focused on driving change towards delivery of reablement and wellness service delivery models in home care.​
  • Bonita Mist
    Bonnie Mist
    Bonnie has extensive experience managing home care programs and working with the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). She has a background in nursing and believes that every individual is an expert in their own life and has the potential to be a ‘champion’ in any activity they choose. Her focus is to raise awareness of this within the aged care sector through dialogue, information sharing and collective solutions.
  • Danielle Souness
    Danielle Souness
    Danni is an Occupational Therapist at ILA. She entered the world of OT to help more people participate in everyday activities. She’s passionate about empowering older adults to take control of their own lives and supporting them to achieve their goals.​
  • Andrea Morris
    Andrea Morris
    Andrea has more than 30 years’ experience working within the community service sector, focused on disability, aged care and mental health service delivery and leadership. An experienced leader with qualifications in nursing, business and community engagement, Andrea has particular interest in developing new services and collaborating with teams to successfully navigate change.  
  • Philip Hawksworth
    Philip Hawksworth
    Philip is a creative problem solver with a can-do approach and a wealth of digital project management experience who manages the production, delivery and promotion of the KeepAble hub.​ Having worked for many large blue chip clients and not-for-profit organisations worldwide, Philip brings new ideas and a fresh perspective to KeepAble.

Our Brand Manifesto

We believe there’s a new way to think about ageing. An approach that no longer prioritises “aged care support services”, but rather encourages prevention and independence through wellness and reablement.

Much like ILA’s approach of “doing with you rather than doing for you”, KeepAble believes real wellness is about participation. Through helpful and comprehensive content, we engage, inform and inspire service providers to deliver a more progressive aged care program.

By engaging with KeepAble, service providers are able to incorporate elements of wellness and reablement at every opportunity.

At KeepAble, we’re advocates for independence. At the same time, we realise that people have different levels of ability. With that in mind, we seek to empower service providers to enhance the lives of every client. We aspire to be an icon for change and a motivating force for a community that seeks a better way.

Older lady in a wheelchair being taken for a walk in the countryside by her daughter
Through helpful and comprehensive content, we engage, inform and inspire service providers to deliver a more progressive aged care program.

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