Find out how your organisation measures up in Wellness and Reablement delivery. In this step-by-step tool, check your progress in implementing Wellness and Reablement strategies and learn how to achieve better results.   

What is the KeepAble Roadmap?

The KeepAble roadmap is a resource for CHSP service providers with the aim to guide them through completing the ACSA Wellness and Reablement self-assessment tool – The Wellness and Reablement Roadmap developed by Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) in 2019.

Through self-assessment and by adopting the standards of best practice in the sector, organisations can deliver the best quality aged care enabling their clients to live more independently.

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How can the KeepAble Roadmap help my organisation?

The KeepAble Roadmap aims to identify the evidence necessary to ensure you are meeting each level of the ACSA self-assessment tool. This can assist service providers to track their progress, plan for improvement and align their wellness and reablement strategies with best practices across the sector.

The KeepAble Roadmap also provides suggested resources that will assist organisations with continuous improvement activities to embed wellness and reablement into their service delivery.

Why is it important to complete a self-assessment by using the KeepAble Roadmap?

Wherever your organisation is at with integrating wellness and reablement into service delivery, there is a starting point. Using this tool will guide conversations about continuous improvement and quality assurance activities.

Gathering evidence of your processes is essential to collating a working body of continual progress when it comes to rolling out these initiatives. An industry-standard guide like this tool will help to inform your approaches and keep striving for achieving the best wellness and reablement strategies you can deliver.

For organisations that aim to support people to be as independent as possible and have the best quality of life possible, this guide is a must.

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