Here is a selection of Podcasts on the subject of Wellness and Reablement. From My Aged Care – the ‘Joining the dots’ series, and from our own Hilary O’Connell – the ‘Reablement Conversations’ series.

My Aged Care – Commonwealth Home Support Programme Reablement training Podcasts

This is a series that’s all about making each and every day as good as it can be, wherever we call home, for whoever lives there and whatever their status. You can listen to each podcast in the series below.

The podcasts are also posted on the My Aged Care podbean site. If you would like more information or to leave a comment for My Aged Care, please link to their podcast site.

Reablement conversations with Hilary O’Connell

Hilary O’Connell, our Principal Advisor of Healthy Ageing and Reablement, has also been chatting with a diverse range of people working in aged care and getting their insights, success stories and a few tips and tricks on reablement. Listen to this fascinating series today.

Hilary O'Connell

Asking the question “How can we best work together to support a person’s highest level of independence and quality of life?”

More content of interest for Homecare Providers

In our ‘For Home Care Providers’ section, we have a variety of information, tools, and resources you may find useful. Below is a sample of our most popular items. Click on a heading to view the article.
  • Elderly aboriginal couple
    Reablement and Diversity
    Wellness and Reablement approaches apply to people from all cultural backgrounds. It is important that the information they receive is culturally appropriate and understood by the individual and there are opportunities provided to optimise their independence and well-being.
  • Living well with dementia
    There are potential benefits associated with exercise, including helping people living with dementia to maintain or improve everyday function and independence.
  • Three older ladies taking a walk in the park in autumn
    Let’s talk Wellness and Reablement
    This approach known as wellness and reablement builds on people’s strengths and goals to promote greater independence and autonomy.
  • Assessor meeting client to discuss their plan
    A Wellness and Reablement approach – A cultural change
    Staff  at every level within the organisation need to view success through the lens of the consumer who no longer requires support or requires a decrease in support, as they have been assisted in gaining or regaining a skill or confidence to achieve their goal/s.
  • Implementing Reablement
    The implementation of short term Reablement support involves active assessment, goal setting, planning, positive risk taking, and a focus on outcomes.

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