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Guide to writing support plans

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A support plan or care plan guides clients and support staff on how to work together in their pursuit to achieve the client’s goals. 

Review and download the Guide to Writing Support Plans PDF document here

To read the e-Book online, click here

It’s time to get serious about Goal Setting

For those accessing aged care support, setting goals and planning towards achieving them, provides the person with a voice, making them and what they wish to achieve the focal point of the support being provided.

Review and download the Goal Setting Guide PDF document from this page

Essential Steps for Successful Coaching

On this page, you will find some steps which will assist you to provide an effective coaching session to support workers within your organisation.

Review and download the Coaching Session interactive PDF document from this page

Assistive Technology Essentials (Pt1 and Pt2)

The Assistive Technology Essentials Guides aim to build awareness and knowledge amongst Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) service providers and the broader aged care sector of the benefits of Assistive Technology (AT) and the role it plays as part of a wellness and reablement service delivery approach with improved outcomes for older people. Review the eBook documents online and use the eBook bottom menu to download the PDF version.

Read the eBook and download as a PDF the Assistive Technology Essentials (Pt1)

Read the eBook and download as a PDF the Assistive Technology Essentials (Pt2)

Support workers guide to Assistive Technology

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Are you a support worker who works with support plans recommending the use of assistive technology and equipment? Learning a new way to do a task and using new technology or equipment can be overwhelming. Our factsheets explain some of the low-risk assistive technology (AT) available, why it might be helpful for your clients, and how to use it. AT with your support and encouragement to use, can enhance your clients’ independence, well-being, confidence, and safety.  

Being an aged care support worker allows you to help clients reduce or overcome any challenges they are having with day-to-day activities. By working with your clients and teaching them how to use AT or small pieces of equipment you can support them to increase their independence or become fully independent in activities such as showering, dressing, or preparing a meal.

Click the links below to review and download our tip sheets.

Support Worker Tip Sheet – Assessing the possibility of AT use

Support Worker Tip Sheet – Maximising Independence with DRESSING 1

Support Worker Tip Sheet – Maximising Independence with DRESSING 2

Support Worker Tip Sheet – Maximising Independence with DRESSING 4

Support Worker Tip Sheet – Maximising Independence in the BATHROOM 1

Support Worker Tip Sheet – Maximising Independence in the BATHROOM 2

Support Worker Tip Sheet – Maximising Independence with MEAL PREPARATION 1

Reablement tip sheets

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The implementation of short-term reablement support involves active assessment, goal setting, planning, positive risk-taking, and a focus on outcomes.

Review and download the Reablement Tip Sheet PDF document here

What is wellness and reablement

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Are you looking for ways to explain why short-term support through Reablement is important to clients and family members? This A4 leaflet from KeepAble on ‘What is Reablement’ may assist you with the conversation.

Review and download the What is Reablement PDF document here

Powerpoint Presentation to the Board

From board members to volunteers, it’s important that all staff understand Wellness and Reablement. This presentation was designed by industry experts to help explain why every opportunity matters.

Download the Board presentation – Why ‘every opportunity matters’ .zip file here

Sit less, move more

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We all know moving more is good for us and the people we support. We know that we need to be more active to help with ageing well, but sometimes it can be difficult to get started. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to make a start toward healthy ageing.

Download the A4 handout Sit Less, Move More PDF here.

Incidental exercise

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We are all aware regular exercise is good for our health, but many older adults believe structured exercise such as hitting the gym or fitness classes is out, and not within their ability. Thankfully, it turns out that even small daily adjustments can have a surprisingly big impact on our health.

Review and download the Incidental Activities PDF document here

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